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Stevia (STEVIA REBAUDIANA) leaves have functional and sensory properties superior to those of many other high potency sweeteners. Stevia is likely to become a major source of high potency sweetener for the growing natural food market in the future. Although Stevia can be helpful to anyone, there are certain groups who are more likely to benefit from its remarkable sweetening potential. These include diabetics, those interested in decreasing caloric intake, and children.

Origin of Stevia Rebaudiana is in central Paraguay where it grows near the ponds and streams in wild conditions. Native Paraguayans have been consuming this herb in large quantities for many centuries. It was only during early fifties that Japanese stumbled upon this unique herb and took it to Japan where they have developed many varieties of this wonderful herb for large scale cultivation The leaves of this plant are 30 times sweeter than sugar , with zero calories. Where as pure extract is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Stevia Rebaudiana is a small perennial growing up to 65-80 cm tall, with sessile, oppositely arranged leaves. Different species of Stevia contain several potential sweetening compounds, with Stevia Rebaudiana being the sweetest of all. Stevia is a semi-humid subtropical plant that can be grown easily like any other vegetable crop even in the kitchen garden. The soil should be in the pH range of 6.5- 7.5; well-drained red soil and sandy loam soil. Saline soils should be avoided to cultivate this plant.


ACI agro solution is an   ISO 9001:2008 &FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH HACCP ISO 22000:2005 certified .We are leading organization in agriculture sector which is providing advance knowledge and technology to the farmers in India. We are in the agriculture consultancy.  We are also in the manufacturing, trading and exporting of the organic farm input and the medicinal herbs to provide the buyback support to the farmers. 

We provide knowledge and technology for the different agriculture assignments like Medicinal and aromatic plantation, Mushroom Cultivation, Green house Cultivation, Solar Power fencing, Solar water pump, Project report preparation, Export consultation ware house and logistics, Organic certification, Olive cultivation and Bio-fuel crop cultivation .  We provide proper solution after the in depth on farm field visit or complete understanding of the Project. We are polishing our self for Aeroponic and Hydroponic cultivation in India.

We are exporting our products to the European market, American market, Middle East market and the South East Asian market. 

We are one of the leading organizations in India in providing the Consultancy for Stevia cultivation, processing and product development with 100 % buyback support.  You will find our organization on first page of search engine for the Stevia cultivation. We have our own brand ACI. Under our umbrella we have more than 15 Product in Natural food supplements and we are working on more. 

We also supply the farm inputs for the organic agriculture Vermi compost, Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Neem Cake Powder, Jatropha cake and bio fertilizers.  We also deal in the non edible oil like Jatropha oil, Karanj Oil, Castor Oil, Neem Oil

In agriculture and rural development sector we are contributing our best with a team of expertise in the area of crop production, plant protection, post harvest handling, technology transfer & extension, business development and information technology. We are promoter of medicinal & aromatic plants cultivation. We provide knowledge and innovative technologies to the farmers for scientific cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. 

We have increased our scope toward high-tech agriculture, high tech dairy, advance marketing solution through buy-back. We are pioneer in STEVIA and ALOEVERA cultivation in India.

We have a strong team of agriculturists with core competencies in cultivation practices, plant protection, input management and agriculture economics.

We try to limit our scope toward sustainable agriculture practices.

Agriculture is not a profit centric business for us.

It is our culture which is governed by ethics and moral values.

We don’t link the profit with blind exploitation of natural resources.

Our profit is linked to the best management practices, effective and efficient utilization of available resources.


1  Introductory techanical meeting

2  Field visit of stevia cultivation farm

3  Consultancy for the stevia cultivation

4  Water management ( drip irrigation instalation)

5  Supply of the agriculture impliments

6  Supply of the Planting Material ( stevia sapling)

7  Supply of the organic farm input

8  Labour management

9  Buy back of the stevia produce

10 Purchase of the dry stevia leaves

11 Supply of the dry stevia leaves

12 Consultancy for the stevioside processing plant

13 Purchse of the Stevioside

14 Supply of the pure stevioside (with out any filler)

15 Stevia cultivation project report preparation

16 Export /Import of the stevioside and dry stevia leaves

ACI Agro Solution
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ACI Agro Solution,

ISO 22000-2005,ISO 9001:2008, FSSAI, SSI, Seeds, Spice Board Of India, WHO GMP & NPOP, USDA, SGS organic certified.

Add.: J-507, AB, Sarna Dungar Industrial Area JAIPUR (RAJ.) 302012

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