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Stevia (STEVIA REBAUDIANA) leaves have functional and sensory properties superior to those of many other high potency sweeteners. Stevia is likely to become a major source of high potency sweetener for the growing natural food market in the future. Although Stevia can be helpful to anyone, there are certain groups who are more likely to benefit from its remarkable sweetening potential. These include diabetics, those interested in decreasing caloric intake, and children.

Origin of Stevia Rebaudiana is in central Paraguay where it grows near the ponds and streams in wild conditions. Native Paraguayans have been consuming this herb in large quantities for many centuries. It was only during early fifties that Japanese stumbled upon this unique herb and took it to Japan where they have developed many varieties of this wonderful herb for large scale cultivation The leaves of this plant are 30 times sweeter than sugar , with zero calories. Where as pure extract is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Stevia Rebaudiana is a small perennial growing up to 65-80 cm tall, with sessile, oppositely arranged leaves. Different species of Stevia contain several potential sweetening compounds, with Stevia Rebaudiana being the sweetest of all. Stevia is a semi-humid subtropical plant that can be grown easily like any other vegetable crop even in the kitchen garden. The soil should be in the pH range of 6.5- 7.5; well-drained red soil and sandy loam soil. Saline soils should be avoided to cultivate this plant.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stevia sweeteners help in weight loss

Stevia sweeteners are low in calories and do not cause increased weight, appetite or preference for sweet tasting foods. Using low-calorie sweeteners in place of those with calories, such as sugar, can help you to consume fewer calories overall, helping you stay within your calorie budget. In other words, they help you to maintain your weight by balancing the calories you eat and drink with the calories you burn through physical activity and other day to day tasks. If weight loss is desired, then the calories you eat and drink must be less than the calories you burn.

A few researchers have suggested that consuming low-calorie sweeteners could lead people to eat more, causing weight gain. However, most experts agree that the current body of research does not support this idea and that low-calorie sweeteners can be effective in aiding weight loss or weight management. A few
studies suggesting that low-calorie sweeteners were linked to increased appetite and preference for sweet tasting foods were small and limited in their application, and the larger body of research does not show a link. According to several scientific studies, low-calorie sweeteners do not cause people to feel hungrier
or to eat more. In fact, low-calorie sweeteners such as stevia help to provide people who are trying to
lose weight a greater variety of low-calorie food choices

How do stevia sweeteners fit into a healthful diet?
Stevia sweeteners and other low-calorie sweeteners add sweetness to foods and beverages without adding a significant amount of calories. Therefore, stevia sweeteners can expand food choices for people who want to
consume fewer calories.

Are stevia sweeteners safe for children?
Yes. Stevia sweeteners are safe and useful options for children and adolescents, and can be included
as part of a balanced diet rich in nutrients. Incorporating some low-calorie, sugar-free foods and
beverages into meals and snacks is one way to avoid consuming excess calories. Health professionals, including registered dietitians, can help parents make the best choices based on their child’s individual calorie and nutrition needs.

Can pregnant and breastfeeding women consume stevia sweeteners?
Yes. Research has shown that stevia sweeteners are safe for expecting or nursing mothers when consumed as part of a healthful diet. For women who consume foods and beverages containing low-calorie sweeteners, talk to your doctor   about consuming the necessary calories and nutrients for your
baby’s growth. 


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